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Agreements List View

The Agreements List view displays all agreements that are visible to the user. Table 47 describes some items in Agreements records.

Table 47. Selected Items in the All Agreements View


Code for the type of currency; for example, USD for U.S. dollars.

For agreement-based invoicing, this value is used as the target, or overriding, currency. Before performing invoice calculations, all the input currency values, such as the ones in the NPR Plan and the Usage Plan, are converted to the target currency. Calculations are then performed in the target currency. After the calculations are completed, these values are written back as Invoices, Invoice Line Items, and Invoice Line Item Details, all in the target currency.


Actual date the agreement is effective. Can be later than, earlier than, or the same as the Start date.


Date the agreement will end.


Date the agreement is planned to start.


Indicates the agreement is valid. Must be selected for consideration of the entitlements when verifying coverage with Verify Button. Also, preventive maintenance actions for assets are only initiated if this box is selected and the selected entitlement is active, based on its start and end dates.

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