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Entitlements View

The Entitlements view displays entitlements and associates them with specific agreements.

NOTE:  End users should use the Entitlements view on the Agreements screen. The Entitlements screen (Entitlements Screen) is used for general administrative work across agreements.

Accounts Subview

The Accounts subview associates accounts with specific entitlements. Table 51 describes the items in accounts records.

Table 51. Selected Items in the Accounts Subview

All Contacts

Indicates all contacts associated with this account are covered by this entitlement. Entitlement verification uses this information. For more information, see Verify Button.

All Products

Indicates all products are covered by this entitlement. Entitlement verification uses this information.

Entitlement Details Subview

The Entitlement Details subview displays additional details for a selected entitlement. Table 52 describes items in entitlement detail records.

Table 52. Selected Item in the Entitlement Details Subview

Current Qty

Enter the current quantity covered by the entitlement.

Your Siebel application does not automatically update the current quantity. You must update it manually each time it changes.

Initial Qty

Enter the initial quantity covered by the entitlement.

Activity Override Flag

Determines whether the billable flag, rate list, and price list specified in this entitlement override the billable flag, rate list, and price list specified for a service request.

Products Subview

The Products subview associates assets and products with entitlements. The records in this view provide a list of products covered by the selected entitlement. These records are used when the All Products check box in the Accounts subview is not selected, and the entitlement is valid only for specific products or assets.

NOTE:  The Agreements screen > Line Items view specifies the products purchased or provided under this agreement. The Agreements screen > Entitlements view > Products subview defines the level of service provided for each product and asset associated with the agreement. For more information, see Line Items View.

Contacts Subview

The Contacts subview associates contacts at an account with a specific entitlement. The records in this view are used when the All Contacts check box (in the Accounts subview) is not selected and the entitlement is valid only for specific individuals.

Metrics Subview

The Metrics subview records performance measurements for an entitlement; for example, response time for a service call and customer satisfaction rating. The Response Time metric is required for calculating Agent Committed time in the Service Request view. This is the only entitlement metric that is used directly to determine a level of service. For more information, see Service Requests View.

Service Details Subview

The Service Details subview defines the billing terms for service activities covered by the entitlements. Table 53 describes items in Service Detail records.

Table 53. Selected Items in the Service Detail Subview

Expenses Billable

Indicates the service expenses under this entitlement are billable to the customer.

Maximum Expense Discount

Limit of expense discounts that a customer may receive for a selected activity type.

Maximum Time Billable

Limit of time charges that a customer may receive for a selected activity type.

Parts Billable

Indicates the parts provided under this entitlement are billable to the customer.

Service Charge

Fixed charge included in the invoice. This may be the only charge if service is based on a flat rate.

Time Billable

Indicates time (labor) under this entitlement is billable to the customer.

Price Details Subview

The Price Details subview records special pricing considerations for products covered by the entitlement; for example, discounts or markups. This special pricing is used only for pricing order line items. See Defining Pricing for Agreements for more information.

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