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Asset Serialization

Not every asset requires a serial number. If an asset requires a serial number, it is known as serialized.

If an asset is serialized, then a serial number is required for all movements and transactions for this asset, including the following:

  • Inventory transactions
  • Field part movements
  • Cycle counts
  • Shipments
  • Receipts

For all inventory transactions involving serialized products, an asset is considered equivalent to one part (quantity = 1).

If a product is serialized, then the assets of this product must also be serialized. However, an asset can be an instance of a nonserialized product and still have a serial number. For more information, see Product Service Details View.

Serialized assets are treated differently from nonserialized ones. For example, whenever serialized assets are shipped or received, Siebel Field Service expects the right number of assets with matching serial numbers.

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