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UnloadEmployees Method

UnloadEmployees can be used when employees become unavailable as a result of vehicle breakdown and so on.

This method updates an employee's schedule by adding new exception hours to the cache. The activities scheduled during the employee's exception hours will be rescheduled or unscheduled. Activities are rescheduled for any open slots that meet the hard constraints. Employees must have at least one defined exception hour.


This method is called when the user clicks the Unavailable button on the Administration - Scheduling screen > Service Region List > Employees view.

Additional Details

The inputs for this method are described in Table 175.

Table 175. Inputs for UnloadEmployees Method


Service region ID of the employees that need to be unloaded.


Comma separated employee IDs. However, the Optimizer only processes one employee at a time. This means that if more than one employee ID is provided, the Optimizer will only process the first employee ID.

The outputs for this method are described in Table 176.

Table 176. Outputs for UnloadEmployees Method


Optimizer error tracing message that is returned if an error occurs.


Error code returned from the Optimizer, indicating whether or not the operation is successful. A value of 0 indicates success.

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