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CalculateFromToAddresses Method

CalculateFromToAddresses is the first API called by GetCalculatedDistanceVals (see GetCalculatedDistanceVals Method for more information). This API determines the activity location and the location of each of the employee, and outputs the results to CalculateDistanceVals.


This method's default behavior (as determined by the business service user properties) is to identify the location for an activity as the activity's personal address. If the location is not available, the method then checks the business address for the activity. It then retrieves the activity previous to the one being scheduled. If no previous activity is scheduled for an engineer, it sets the value for From Address to the address in the engineer's employee profile. The field engineer's originating address is set using the Start Shift Location Field Name user property. By default, this value is the engineer's Start Home Address Id, as provided by the Start Home Address section on the Administration - User screen > Employees > Service Details view.

Additional Details

This method will search each activity's addresses, in accordance with the order set by the From Address Id Props and To Address Id Props business service user properties. Each of these properties specifies the business component ID and address type of the address which must be checked. If the address type is set to TRUE, this signifies that it is a personal address; if the address type is set to FALSE, this signifies that it is a business address.

If the business address business component is not the same as the default, this can be set by adding a business service user property named Business Address CUT. The business address business component can then be specified in this new user property. The field engineer's originating address is determined by the Start Shift Location Field Name business service user property. The default value for this user property is Start Home Address Id.

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