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Parameters for the Replenishment Engine

All engines can be invoked from the Workflow Manager or from the client. These engines require certain parameters to be passed. Set the component job parameters using the Administration - Server Management screen > Jobs > Job Detail view when creating a component job for the server component Field Service Replenishment Engine (alias FSRepl). Table 111 lists the parameters for the Replenishment Engine, and what they mean.

Table 111. Parameters for the Replenishment Engine



In this mode, specify the inventory location to be replenished and the engine will replenish the specified location.


In this mode, specify the WHERE clause, meaning specify some criteria and replenish the inventory locations which meet that criteria.


In this mode, put all the required parameters into a temporary table with a particular Client Request ID and pass that ID to the server to retrieve the parameters from Temp Table.


A row ID for retrieving parameters from the temp table

Required when InvokeMode = TEMP.


I (Inventory Location)
V (Vendor)

Required when InvokeMode = TEMP. Defaults to I when InvokeMode = Id or SQL.


Destination Inventory ID

Required when InvokeMode = Id.


SQL Where Clause

Business Component Search Spec. Required when InvokeMode = SQL.

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