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Adding User Preference Colors for the Dispatch Board

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up the Dispatch Board.

The colors used in the Dispatch Board are defined as applet user properties. The color definitions are specified using Blue Green Red (BGR) decimal format.

Though you can add new colors for user selection on the Dispatch Board, do not change or inactivate the existing colors. The following activity fields determine the colors that display on the Dispatch Board:

  • Priority (LOV type: ACTIVITY_PRIORITY)
  • Status (LOV type: EVENT_STATUS)
  • Type (LOV type: TODO_TYPE)

NOTE:  Do not change or deactivate the values in the LOV types for these activity fields.

See Using Siebel Tools for more information on performing configuration tasks with Siebel Tools.

To add a new color to the user preferences

  1. Log into Siebel Tools as an administrator.
  2. Lock the FS Dispatch Board project for editing.
  3. In the Object Explorer, navigate to Applet.
  4. Query for FS DB Planned GanttChart AX Applet.
  5. Navigate to Applet > Applet User Prop.
  6. Create a new applet user property record and enter an appropriate value in the Name field.

    For example, to add a color called Blue Royal, enter the following in the Name field:

    #Color#Blue Royal#

  7. In the Value field, enter the value that corresponds to the decimal value for that color.

    To get the decimal value for a color:

    1. Look up the hexadecimal value of the color—for example, #800000 is the HEX number for a dark blue written in BGR format.
    2. Convert the hexadecimal number to a decimal value—for example, the #800000 HEX number for the dark blue can be written as 128 0 0 in decimal BGR format.
  8. Compile FS DB Planned GanttChart AX Applet.
  9. Replace the SRF.
  10. Restart the client and navigate to the Dispatch Board.
  11. Click the menu button and select User Preferences.

    You should now be able to select Blue Royal as one of the color options.

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