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Restricting the Employees that Display on the Dispatch Board

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up the Dispatch Board.

Users can determine the employees that are displayed by selecting a service region and entering a date in the Dispatch Board. They can also query to filter the list of displayed employees. Administrators can use Siebel Tools to further restrict the employees that users can view on the Dispatch Board.

See Using Siebel Tools for more information on performing configuration tasks with Siebel Tools.

To restrict the employees that display on the Dispatch Board

  1. Log in to Siebel Tools as an administrator.
  2. Lock the FS Dispatch Board project for editing.
  3. Navigate to Object Explorer > Siebel Objects > Applet.
  4. Query for the FS DB Planned GanttChart AX Applet.
  5. Navigate to Applet > Applet User Prop.

    NOTE:  If Applet User Prop is not visible, go to View > Options, select the Object Explorer tab, and select the Applet User Prop object definition.

  6. Query for the Y-SearchSpec user property.
  7. Define the search specification in the Value field of this user property.
  8. Compile the changed applet definition.
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