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About Process Flows for Dispatch Board Scheduling

Figure 3 shows two process flows: one for a local dispatch business scenario and one for a centralized dispatch business scenario. In a local dispatch scenario, the dispatcher creates an activity, creates an activity plan, and then schedules an activity. In the centralized dispatch scenario, the dispatcher searches for activities and then assigns activities. This section provides details about each procedure in the two processes.

Figure 3. Process Flows for Dispatch Board Scheduling

Scheduling Activities (Local Dispatch)

Local dispatchers can schedule an activity by performing the following procedures:

  1. Creating an activity. See Recording Field Service Activities for more information.
  2. Creating an activity plan. See Field Service Activities.
  3. Scheduling an activity. See Assigning Field Service Engineers for Activities (End User).

Scheduling Activities (Central Dispatch)

Activities can be scheduled in the following manner by central dispatchers:

  1. Searching for activities. See Searching for Activities in the Dispatch Board's Gantt Chart (End User) for more information.
  2. Assigning activities. See Assigning Field Service Engineers with the Dispatch Board for more information.
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