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Setting Up Conditional Charge Plans

Field Service supports terminations of a contract, specifically, the charges involved in such an event like the return of products, overflow, and so on. These types of charges (typically covered by a termination or prorated plan) are handled using conditional charge plans in Field Service.

See Defining Conditional Charge Plans for Agreement Line Items for more information on associating conditional charge plans with agreement line items. See FS Generate Conditional Charge Process Business Service for more information on the business service used with conditional charges.

To create a conditional charge plan

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Contracts screen > Conditional Charge Plan view.
  2. Create a new record and complete the necessary fields.

    Use a meaningful name for the conditional charge plan—for example, Termination Plan.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    The name of the conditional charge plan.


    Select a schedule for the conditional charge plan. See Defining Contract Schedules for more information on creating these schedules.

    Commit Flag

    Converts this record to read-only status.

  3. Scroll down to the lower Conditional Charge Plan list.
  4. Create a new record for each charge installment and complete the necessary fields.

    For example, create 12 different installments of 8.33% for each month of a 12-month agreement. If the customer cancels or changes the agreement before this 12-month period has expired, they must pay 8.33% of the total penalty charge each month until the year is up.

    Some fields are described in the following table.


    Sequence #

    Number to indicate the order in which the charge installments are applied. For example, you may wish to charge more the earlier a customer cancels or changes an agreement.


    Percentage amount to charge on that installment.

    Additional %

    Any additional percentage amount to charge on that installment, such as an interest charge.

    Additional Charge

    Any additional fixed fee to charge on the installment, such as a service fee.

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