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Defining Contract Schedules

You can automatically generate charges according to a fixed schedule by defining one or more contract schedules. Then, when defining a charge plan for an agreement line item, you can select the schedule you want. On a particular day, on a recurring schedule, an invoice is created from the consolidation of charges. For example, you can schedule charges for a product to be generated on the last day of each month or every Sunday.

To define contract schedules

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Contracts screen > Contract Schedule view.
  2. Create a new record and complete the fields as appropriate.

    Some fields are described in the following table.


    Repeat Type

    This field determines how often an event occurs:

    • Daily. For example, every 30 days.
    • Monthly By Day. For example, the 5th of the month every 6 months.
    • Monthly By Week. For example, the 3rd Wednesday every 7 months.
    • Weekly. For example, every Monday and Wednesday every 2 weeks.

    Released Flag

    When selected, the schedule is available for use.

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