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Charges and Invoices Overview

In Siebel Field Service, you can manually or automatically create charges and invoices for service requests, activities, and agreements. A charge is an expense line item. An invoice is a bill that consolidates a group of charges incurred, or to be incurred, during a specific time period. The ability to create charges allows consolidation of all the charges for an individual account into one single invoice. An invoice can then be sent to each account.

Charges need to be generated before an invoice can be generated automatically, but not before an invoice can be generated manually. The parameters for consolidating charges into invoices are defined using a charge consolidation plan. Once the charge consolidation plan is defined, invoices can be automatically generated based on the charge consolidation plan. Invoices can also be manually generated.

Invoices for activities can include charges for parts, labor, and expenses. Invoices for service requests incorporate orders, plus the charges for all of the activities related to those particular service requests. Only records that have the Billable flag set are added to the invoice automatically.

Pro forma invoices can be printed onsite for customers and sent to an accounting system to track accounts receivable and revenue. An invoice can also be marked as delinquent, then tracked by the Workflow Manager, which can send automatic reminders to customers or employees.

Each invoice can include these line items:

  • Time and materials
  • Miscellaneous expenses and tax
  • Nonrecurring charges
  • Recurring charges
  • Use charges
  • Project charges
  • Credits or other adjustments

Siebel Invoices can be integrated with third-party software to manage taxation for entire invoices or for invoice line items. Without tax integration, Siebel Invoices prepares pro forma invoices, statements of work, or quick reports to customers. The collection of applicable charges and activities is also an efficient way to pass this information to a financial system.

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