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Improving Workflow Performance and Scalability

The performance of the workflows depends on many variables—for example, the complexity of the RC, NRC, and Usage Plans, the number of line items per agreement, the number of charges being consolidated, and so on. However, you can improve the performance of the workflows and the Charge Engine in the following ways:

  • For the FS - Generate Agreement Charge workflow, remove the steps for some of the charge steps. For example, if you are only running charges for agreements based on NRC and RC, you can remove the usage plan sub process.
  • Switch off logging.
  • Run the processes in parallel. You can run the workflows on different machines or on a multiple processor machine. The performance of the workflows will show a linear performance improvement, based on the number of processes running.
  • Run the search spec of a consolidation rule on an indexed field.
  • Make sure that the consolidation rules are not too complex.
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