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Running Charges After Charge Consolidation Has Been Performed

Once the charge consolidation plan has been run, and the corresponding invoice created, you may need to rerun the charge consolidation because of errors and so on. It is not sufficient to just rerun the charge consolidation plan. The original charges, created from the charge consolidation, must be canceled.

To cancel charges after charge consolidation has been performed

  1. Using Siebel Tools, expose the FS Charge business component's Consolidate Flag on the FS Charge Form Applet.
  2. Compile and replace the Siebel Repository File (.srf).
  3. Restart the client.
  4. In the client application, clear the Consolidate Flag in the Charge screen.
  5. Change the charge item's status to Pending.
  6. On the Charge Consolidation Plan, reset the Next Invoice Date to the previous schedule date.
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