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Adding Release Product Builds

You control product version information for the organization by setting up release product builds. Because every Release Manager and Quality record must be associated with a specific release product build, you must set these up before end users enter any records.

As a product progresses through the release cycle, increasingly advanced product prototypes are created. (In the case of software development, these prototypes are known as builds.) As each new prototype becomes available, you are responsible for entering it into Quality. This allows end users of Quality and Release Manager to record each record against the appropriate build.

There are two types of releases:

  • Future Releases. Though only one active release may be in progress, you must set up records for future releases as well. That way, if a feature or fix is deferred from the current release, an end user can target it to a specific future release.
  • Unspecified Releases. Sometimes the appropriate future release for a given feature or fix may be unknown. For this contingency, you must set up at least one artificial release called Unspecified Release or some similar term. Orphan items can be linked to this release. When the appropriate future release has been determined, an item can then be retargeted to that release.

To add a release product build

  1. Navigate to the Quality screen > Release Product Administration view.
  2. In the Release Product Administration list, create a new record for a build and complete the fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.



    Number or code that identifies this build.

    End Date

    To cause this build to disappear from the Build and Target fields of the Change Requests view after a certain time, enter a date after which it should not appear.


    Three-letter language code.


    Product of which this build is a prototype.

    Target Version

    Select to make this build available as a choice in the Target field of the Change Requests view.


    Version number of the product.

    When you create a record in the Release Product Administration screen, the information in the Build, Language, Product, and Version fields becomes available to end users in the Build field in the Release screen's QA Tests view and Quality screen's Change Requests view. If you selected the Target Version check box, this information also becomes available in the Target field in the Quality screen's Change Requests view.

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