This chapter describes Quality Management, the Quality screen, change requests, and patch requests.

Siebel Quality supports the product development and maintenance life cycle by managing change requests, or CRs. A change request (CR) is a formal report or recommendation aimed at correcting a defect in or adding an improvement to a product. Such products can include hardware, software, manufactured goods, and capital equipment. Siebel Quality can manage multiple types of change requests, including enhancement requests and product defect reports.

Siebel Quality supports the work of the various groups that use the change management process, such as quality assurance, development engineering, and product marketing.

Siebel Quality provides tools for creating, responding to, and tracking CRs. Siebel Quality manages CRs by doing the following:

  • Managing CRs from creation through resolution
  • Tracking and analyzing details about CRs
  • Coordinating and integrating CR management activities across multiple departments
  • Displaying status information on product stability

If a customer has an urgent need to resolve a CR and cannot wait for the next product release, Siebel Quality can generate a patch request, or PR. A patch request (PR) is a recommendation to create a maintenance release to implement a product defect fix or improvement.

This chapter includes the following topics:

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