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Example Process for Quality

This section provides a summary of the Siebel Quality CR life cycle. The stages of the Quality process are described in the following sections, in the order listed.

  1. Set Up and Maintain (Administrator). See Process for Setting Up and Maintaining Quality.
  2. Log CRs (Quality Assurance). See Process for Logging Change Requests.
  3. Assess CRs (Product Marketing). See Process for Assessing Change Requests.
  4. Resolve CRs (Engineering). See Process for Resolving Change Requests.
  5. Verify CR Closures (Quality Assurance). See Process for Verifying Change Request Closures.
  6. Create Patch Requests (Release Management). See Process for Creating Patch Requests.

Figure 28 illustrates this overall process for Siebel Quality. Each cross-reference in a box refers to the title of another figure that illustrates its details.

Figure 28. Overall Quality Process
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Details of each of these operations are depicted by the descriptions and diagrams in the sections that follow.

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