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Process for Creating Patch Requests

After CRs have been closed as verified, the Release Management group may determine that a particular CR fix needs to go to a customer immediately rather than in the next release of the product.

  1. Find Verified CRs with Urgent Customer Need for Fix. A member of the Release Management group identifies a closed and verified CR that represents a fix for which a customer cannot wait until the next scheduled release.
  2. Generate PR from CR. A release manager generates a PR from a CR. See Generating Patch Requests from Change Requests.
  3. Enter Approvals. The release manager obtains the approvals necessary for shipping the patch and records the approvals in the PR record. See Approving and Shipping Patch Requests.
  4. Retest. If all approvers do not agree that the patch is ready to ship, the patch is sent back for further development, testing, and another approval cycle.
  5. Ship Maintenance Release. After all approvals are gathered for the PR, the maintenance release is ready to go to the customer. See Approving and Shipping Patch Requests.

These tasks are illustrated in Figure 34.

Figure 34. Release Management PR Process
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