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Process for Verifying Change Request Closures

After engineers resolve CRs, the CR creator attempts to verify the resolutions.

  1. Query for Closed CRs. The creator queries for CRs that she has logged that are now closed. See Querying for Closed Change Requests.
  2. Verify Resolution. The creator tries to verify the resolution.
    • Reopen CR. If she determines that the issue is not resolved, she reopens the CR. This sends the CR back to engineering for further review. See Reopening Change Requests.
    • Close CR as Verified. If she determines that the CR is correctly resolved as stated, she closes the CR as verified. See Closing Change Requests as Verified.

      At this point, the CR life cycle is complete.

These tasks are illustrated in Figure 33.

Figure 33. Quality Assurance Verification Process
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