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Process for Resolving Change Requests

After Product Management has assigned CRs to Engineering, Engineering can proceed to resolve the CRs.

  1. Assign CRs (Manager). The engineering team manager to whom the product manager assigned the CR, in turn assigns it to an engineer on her team. See Assigning Change Request to Engineers (Manager).
  2. Query for My CRs. The engineer performs a query to find CRs assigned to him.
  3. Reproduce the Issue. Upon receiving a newly assigned CR, the engineer tries to reproduce the issue in the CR.
  4. Close CR. At this point, the engineer may close the CR for the following reasons:
    • The engineer cannot reproduce the issue.
    • The engineer can reproduce the issue, but it is not an issue with your company's current product.

      See Closing Resolved Change Requests.

  5. Create Multiple Occurrence CR. If the engineer determines that the CR contains a real issue with your company's current product, he checks whether the same issue occurs in multiple versions of the same product. If it does, he creates a multiple occurrence CR for each product variant or version that has the same issue. See Creating Multiple Occurrence Change Requests.
  6. Break Multiple Occurrence Link. If subsequent investigation shows that the issue does not occur in one of the other product versions, or occurs differently, the engineer breaks the multiple occurrence link. See Breaking Multiple Occurrence Links.
  7. Define Relationship. If the CR is not a multiple occurrence, the engineer tries to determine whether it is related to other CRs in some other way. For example, correcting the issue in one CR might depend on first correcting the issue in another. If this is the case, he determines the relationship. See Linking Related Change Requests.
  8. Fix Issue. The engineer then applies the appropriate fix and closes the CR. See Closing Resolved Change Requests.

These tasks are illustrated in Figure 32.

Figure 32. Engineering Resolution Process
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