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Process for Assessing Change Requests

After CRs are entered in the system, product marketing managers assess the CRs to determine how important they are and who should resolve the issues.

  1. Query for Unassigned CRs. The product manager queries for new CRs in his area of responsibility. See Querying for Unassigned Change Requests.
    • Close CR. If the product manager decides the CR is not a real issue, he closes it. See Closing Unassigned Change Requests.
    • Reassign CR. If the product manager decides that the CR is a real issue, he determines whether it can be resolved by his team. If he finds that the CR's functional area was incorrectly set, he assigns it to a new owner. See Reassigning Change Requests.
    • Close CR. The product manager investigates whether the CR is a duplicate of an existing issue. If it is, he closes the new CR as a duplicate. See Closing Unassigned Change Requests.
  2. Prioritize and Assign CR. If the product manager determines that the CR represents a real issue in his area of responsibility and is not a duplicate of another CR, he prioritizes the CR and assigns it to an engineering manager. See Prioritizing and Assigning Change Requests.

These tasks are illustrated in Figure 31.

Figure 31. Product Marketing Assessment Process
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