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Quality and Release Manager

Siebel Quality is packaged with Siebel Release Manager, a tool that allows an organization to manage product development through functions such as feature tracking, engineering allocation, test plan management, and test pass management.

Together, Quality and Release Manager support the product life cycle management process from beginning to end. For more information, see Release Manager.

Best Practices: Administering and Using Quality

The following section provides some best practices for administering and using the Quality functionality.

  • Assign CRs automatically. As a productivity aid, you can automate the CR assignment process. Use Siebel Business Process Designer to detect the creation of a new CR and invoke the Siebel Assignment Manager to assign this CR to the appropriate person.

    For information about Siebel Business Process Designer, see Siebel Business Process Framework: Workflow Guide. For information about Siebel Assignment Manager, see Siebel Assignment Manager Administration Guide.

  • Link multiple occurrences. When the same issue occurs in different builds, testing environments, or platforms, you can link the CR records as multiple occurrences of each other. When you do this, it is possible to track multiple CRs together and close them together.
  • Appoint multiple owners. To help make sure of follow-up, assign at least two people to be involved in processing each CR. For example, one person may log, prioritize, and assign the CR while another person implements a solution.
  • Write descriptively. End users can help make the CR life cycle more efficient by writing clear and descriptive CRs that can be understood by everyone involved in CR processing.
  • Query frequently. Because the system does not automatically alert owners when a new CR has been logged or an existing one updated, end-users in all teams that work with CRs should query often for their CRs.
  • Add comments. To help the people involved in processing a CR to trace what has gone before and to understand what the current status is, make sure that everyone who updates a CR writes a comment describing the update.
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