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Features of Siebel Quality

Siebel Quality operates through the Quality screen in your Siebel application. This section summarizes some features of Siebel Quality.

  • Create, track, and close the various types of CRs. These features allow an organization to manage a CR from beginning to the end, and also allow different process owners to manage specific phases of the CR life cycle.
  • Log, track, and resolve multiple occurrences of a CR. When an issue is found in one product, it sometimes occurs in other, related products. In such cases, end users can create child CRs, or multiple occurrence CRs, from a primary CR and link them together so that they can be managed as a single unit through resolution.

    Siebel Quality also allows end users to designate other types of relationships, such as CRs that are dependent upon each other or are duplicates of each other.

  • Analyze and report on product issues. Because reports and charts are run on demand, organizations can gauge the overall health and stability of products in development.
  • Track the history of a CR. Siebel Quality displays information about who the CR was assigned to, whether ownership has been reassigned, and whether the product area associated with the CR has been modified.
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