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Repair Numbers

A repair number is a number assigned to a repair record, uniquely identifying the product to repair. A repair center agent physically attaches a tag containing this number to the product. The repair number, either a card or a marker (often a bar-coded label), lets the service business track defective parts through the repair process, whether or not they have serial numbers. For methods to customize this number, see How Service Requests and Other Business Component Object Types Are Numbered.

If the product is serialized, add the asset number to the repair record. This automatically provides the product name, inventory location, and inventory level (status and availability).

Some businesses prefer to speed up the receiving process by creating batches of repair numbers in advance. To do this, they create multiple blank repair records. When a defective part arrives, the repair center uses one of these blank records and its repair number. An agent then completes the record for this part.

Serialized Products and Inventory Locations

To generate a repair number for a serialized product, an asset number must be assigned. The transactions that accompany receiving the asset, through an RMA or field part movement, identify the destination inventory locations for these incoming parts.

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