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Siebel Repair

Siebel Repair generates repair activity plans, assigns and schedules repair activities, tracks symptoms and resolutions, and stores repair histories. Topics include:

The workflow for repairs is illustrated in Figure 39, which shows the steps of the process as follows:

  1. Receive and tag. Receive RMA and create a repair order. The item may have been received as a stock transfer or over the counter.
  2. Internal or external repair. If this is an internal repair, generate a repair activity and verify the service agreement. If this is an external repair, generate a repair order, ship to the external provider, and receive from the external provider.
  3. Return or keep in inventory. After the repair is done, if the item is returned to the customer, allocate the item, generate the pick ticket, and ship. If the item is returned to good or defective inventory, generate the inventory transaction.
Figure 39. Repair Workflow
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Repairs begin when a customer calls a service center about a defective product. The customer service representative assigns an RMA (Return Material Authorization) to the product, and requests that the customer ship the product to the service center. The RMA (either RMA Repair Return or RMA Advance Exchange) signifies that the product is to be repaired.

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