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Specifying Employees as Unavailable

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Scheduling.

Use the Unavailable button to instruct the Optimizer that the selected employee is unavailable for a particular period. For example, the employee's vehicle may have broken down. Clicking this button sends an asynchronous request to the Optimizer to load the data for the selected employee, including exception hours, and reassigns or reschedules activities.

To specify employees as unavailable

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Scheduling screen > Service Region List view.
  2. Select a service region record and drill down on the Name field hyperlink.
  3. Click the Employees view tab.
  4. Select an employee record and click Unavailable.

    TIP:   Before using the Unavailable button, you may have to add a new record to the Administration - User screen > Employees > Employee Exception Hours view, describing the time for which the selected engineer is unavailable. If you do not have at least one exception hour defined for the employee, the Optimizer displays an error message. See Defining Hours for Employees for more information.

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