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Setting Server Component Task Parameters

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Scheduling.

The parameters that configure shell (process) startup for the Server Request Broker and the Appointment Booking Engine server components should be set in accordance with the number of service regions and the number of users.

See Siebel System Administration Guide for more information on changing these parameters for server components.

Setting the Number of Server Request Broker Tasks

Each service region used keeps a Server Request Broker (alias SRBroker) task permanently running. This means that the default MaxTasks setting of 100 for the server component SRBroker may need to be increased when using more than approximately 70 service regions. This precaution prevents errors such as the following from appearing in the SRBroker log:

SBL-SMI-00114: The Multithreaded Server has reached the maximum number of concurrent tasks (100)

Setting the Number of Appointment Booking System Tasks

The server component parameters for the Appointment Booking Engine (alias ApptBook) should be set in accordance with the recommendations listed in Table 34.

Table 34. Recommended Task Values for the ApptBook Server Component
Server Component Parameter
Recommended Value

Maximum Tasks


The value should be 10-20% of the total number of users who access the ABS.

Minimum MT Servers


The value should be the same as the number of servers entered in the Administration - Scheduling screen > Server Key Mapping view.

Maximum MT Servers


The value should be the same as the value for the Minimum MT Servers parameter.

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