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Loading Activities for Service Regions

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Scheduling.

Activity data for each service region must be loaded into the ABS or Optimizer cache. You can do this manually or with the Workflow Manager.

Service regions are specified for an activity using the Service Region field on the Activities screen > Activity List > Schedule view. See Schedule View for more information. All the activities for a particular service region are then listed on the Administration - Scheduling screen > Service Region List > Activities view.

Use the Load button on the Administration - Scheduling screen > Service Region List > Activities view to manually load activities for a selected service region. You can also use this button for contract scheduling purposes—see Running Contract Scheduling (End User) for more information.

Clicking the Load button sends an asynchronous request to the Siebel Server to load the selected activities into the ABS or Optimizer cache. Based on the values of the Planned Start and Planned End field for an activity and the start and end times for the ABS and Optimizer horizons, the data goes either to the ABS or Optimizer cache.

NOTE:  Normally, use the Workflow Manager instead of the Load button to load activities.

Before clicking the Load button, make sure that the following conditions are met:

  • The activity is not repeating.
  • If Lock Schedule is set to TRUE, there are values for Planned Start and Planned End.
  • If Lock Assignment is set to TRUE, there is an employee assigned to the activity.

See Locking Schedules and Assignments (End User) for more information on using the Lock Schedule and Lock Assignment flags.

To manually load activities for a service region

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Scheduling screen > Service Regions List view.
  2. Select a service region record and drill down on the Name field hyperlink.
  3. Click the Activities view tab to view the activities.

    The Activities view displays all activities for the selected service region. This view is read-only.

  4. Select the activities that you want to load for the service region.
  5. Click the Load button.

Employee data also needs to be loaded to the ABS or Optimizer cache. See Loading Employee Data for Service Regions for more information.

Moving Activities Between Service Regions

An employee can only belong to one service region. However, this does not prevent an employee from performing activities in other service regions. For example, Sue Nelson is an engineer based in the San Francisco service region. Today is a light day for her, but the San Jose service region is completely booked. In most cases, this case would be handled by manually scheduling activities for Nelson using the Dispatch Board. However, the Optimizer can schedule Nelson in the San Jose service region. This requires switching the service region for the activity.

To move activities between service regions

  1. Cancel the activity from Service Region 1 (San Francisco).
  2. Set the activity to Service Region 2 (San Jose).
  3. Load the activity in to Service Region 2 (San Jose).

    You can create a button or workflow that carries out these steps. Alternatively, the Workflow Manager can trigger this process upon rejection of an activity from Service Region 1.

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