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Forecast Summary Spreadsheets

Often users want to view the aggregated summary of a forecast in a spreadsheet format. Summary Spreadsheet view is a read only view that allows users to view Total Revenues combined by period. The period for the combined Total Revenues is in the Summary Period Type field in Forecast Series.

Forecast Requirements

The user must be able to view a forecast summary spreadsheet.

Administrator Usage Example

The administrator:

  • Creates a Summary Only quarterly forecast series where:
    • Aggregation levels are defined
    • Summary Period Type is defined

User Forecast Example

The user:

  1. Generates a forecast in the forecast series defined by the administrator
  2. Navigates to the Forecast, and selects the Summary Spreadsheet view

    The user will be able to see the Total Revenues and Last Forecast Total Revenues in a spreadsheet format. The data is shown using aggregation levels defined in Forecast Series and the revenue is combined by the period defined in the Summary Period Type field in Forecast Series. The Total Revenues reflects the amounts after adjustment.

    NOTE:  The Last Forecast Total Revenues columns can be hidden using Siebel Tools.

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