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Last Forecast Adjustment Amounts

Often users require the ability to view the last forecast adjustments while making adjustments to the current forecasts. Two columns in the Summary Tree and Summary List views allow users to quickly reference the corresponding summary records of the last forecast generated in the same series :

  • Last Forecast Adjustment
  • Last Forecast Total Revenue

Forecast Requirements

After a forecast has been created, the Summary Tree and List views will be visible. The user will then be able to view the corresponding numbers from the previous forecast in the Last Forecast Adjustment and Last Forecast Total Revenue columns.

Administrator Usage Example

The administrator creates a Summary Only quarterly forecast series where the forecast has multiple forecast dates.

User Forecast Example

The user:

  1. Generates a forecast in the forecast series defined by the administrator
  2. Adjusts the Total Revenue for the forecast
  3. Creates the next forecast in the same forecast series
  4. Navigates to Forecast, and selects the Summary Tree view

    The adjustments made in Step 2 will be reflected in the Last Forecast Adjustment, and the Total Revenue amount from the previous forecast will be in the Last Forecast Total Revenue column.

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