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Worst, Expected, Best Forecasting

Sometimes there is a need for Worst, Expected, Best (WEB) analysis to evaluate the current state of business and to better allocate sales resources. WEB analysis examines the values in the following fields: Worst Case, Expected Revenues, and Best Case.

Forecast Requirements

The forecast must allow evaluation of each opportunity, product revenue, or service revenue using WEB analysis.

Administrator Usage Example

The administrator defines a forecast series with the name WEB.

The Worst Case, Expected Revenue, and Best Case data is preconfigured to be pulled into the forecast.

End User Revenue Example

The end user:

  • Creates a new opportunity or account and associate the Worst Case, Expected Revenue, and Best Case values to the opportunity revenue or the associated product revenue.

End User Forecast Example

The end user:

  • Creates a new forecast based on the WEB forecast series.

    The correct revenues with their WEB data are automatically pulled into the forecast.

  • Adjusts and submits the forecast.
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