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Partner Forecasting Option One: Partner Portal

Sometimes a partner's revenues are a large part of a company's overall revenues, and they need to be more proactive in managing such revenues, measuring the partners, and allocating resources to the channel partners.

In this example, a partner end user is responsible for entering partner revenues through the Partner Portal and for creating the forecast.

Forecast Requirements

The forecast must incorporate partner opportunities and revenues automatically.

Administrator Usage Example

The administrator defines a forecast series with the name WW Sales. The Auto Forecast Search Spec is set up as follows to include partner revenues:

[Partner] IS NOT NULL and [Committed] = 'Y'.

This search specification pulls revenue line items that have a partner indicated into the forecast.

The administrator makes sure the correct participant's name or organization is associated with the forecast series. For more information, see Siebel Partner Relationship Management Administration Guide.

End User Revenue Example

The partner end user:

  • Enters revenues using the Partner Portal and creates appropriate opportunities and product revenues.
  • Creates scheduled revenues and uses the Chart view to see data graphically.

End User Forecast Example

The partner end user:

  1. Creates a standard forecast as if he or she were part of the sales force, WW Sales.
  2. Makes adjustments and submits the forecasts to his or her appropriate internal partner manager.

The partner manager then:

  1. Creates his or her own forecast.
  2. Reviews, and adjusts the partner's forecast (which is automatically pulled into the partner manager's forecast), and submits it.

For more information, see Siebel Partner Relationship Management Administration Guide.

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