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Service Requests Business Component

The downloaded accounts determine which service requests are downloaded. All service requests that are associated with the selected accounts are downloaded. This includes service requests that are associated with the downloaded activities, but it also includes all other service requests associated with the downloaded account. The relationship between accounts and service requests is configured in Siebel Tools at the component level by linking the Account ID on Service Request with the Account ID on Account. The service requests are further restricted by business component filters that select only service requests that are open or that were closed in the last 30 days.

Table 20 shows an example of the relationship between activities, accounts, and service requests.

Table 20. Activities, Accounts and Service Requests Relationship
Service Request













Assume that Activity 1 is downloaded. Activity 1 is associated with one account (Account A) and one service request (Service Request X). Therefore, Activity 1, Account A, and Service Request X are downloaded. However, Account 1 has other service requests associated with it, Service Requests Y and Z, and these service requests are also downloaded.

In summary, the following records are downloaded:

  • Activity 1
  • Account A
  • Service Requests X and Y

Activity 2 is not downloaded, although the account (A) and service request (X) associated with Activity 2 is downloaded. Account B, which is not associated with Activity 1, is also excluded. These exclusions illustrate the way in which the Action business component determines which of the other components are selected.

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