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About Creating Employee Self-Service Forms

You can use the Employee Self-Service feature to create employee self-service processes (or forms), or you can use preconfigured forms provided with your Siebel application.

NOTE:  Siebel Employee Self-Service uses Siebel SmartScript to create forms. For more information on creating and implementing SmartScripts, see Siebel SmartScript Administration Guide.

An employee self-service process starts with an electronic document or form that includes input fields to collect information from users. Based on the information entered, the form logically presents options that can be used to obtain additional user information. The automated logic used in employee self-service processes is also known as branching logic.

As illustrated in Figure 7, branching logic is used in employee self-service processes. The illustration shows an employee self-service form with two pages. The first page has process arrows pointing to four questions. The first question leads to three possible answers. The first answer leads to the second page. The second answer leads to the fourth question. The third answer leads to the third question. Based on a user's entries in an employee self-service form, there can be one of several outcomes.

Figure 7. Example of Branching Logic for Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service allows you to build employee self-service processes that include the following attributes:

  • The processes use branching logic that targets specific user needs.
  • The processes are already populated with data from Siebel applications and other databases.
  • The processes accept input from users and send relevant changes to the underlying databases after approval.
  • The processes can be routed through a graphical workflow editor for further processing and approvals.

Employee Self-Service also includes a preconfigured set of self-service forms. These forms address common issues such as personnel and personal data changes.

After creating an employee self-service form, you can use the Inbox functionality to create an approvals business process that automatically routes the form to specific users for approval. Based on the data entered in the form, your Siebel application or another application can be updated.

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