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Process of Setting Up Employee Self-Service

The following lists show the procedures that administrators and end users typically follow to set up and use Employee Self-Service. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

Administrator Procedures

You can import and customize preconfigured forms and create new forms. As Figure 6 shows, the administrator process has two paths. The first path illustrates importing and customizing preconfigured Employee Self-Service forms. The second path is for creating requestor and summary forms. After importing or creating the forms, the administrative process proceeds to testing and releasing the forms.

To set up Employee Self-Service, perform the following procedures:

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End-User Procedures

The end-user process has a single path for requestors. As Figure 6 shows, the first item in the process is for a requestor to choose a form. The process leads to the type of changes the requestor wants—for example change business title, job transfer, or change location. The submit process is then activated—for example confirm business title, job transfer or location. The form is then routed to the approver's Inbox.

To use Employee Self-Service, perform the following procedure:

Accessing and Submitting Self-Service Forms.

Figure 6. Business Process for Employee Service
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