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Submitting Request for Change Records for Approval

When the Change Initiator has completed all the necessary fields, the change record can be submitted for approval. To submit a change record for approval, the first thing you must do is verify that the change has all necessary approvers entered in the Approvals view and their corresponding sequence is set. Then, the Submit Change button on the More Info tab becomes enabled.

To submit change records for approval

  1. Navigate to the Change Management screen.
  2. In the Request for Change list, select the change record and click the link in the Name field.
  3. Click the More Info tab, and in the More Info form, click the link in the Name field.

    Note all fields are disabled and the status of the change record is changed from Not Yet Active to For Approval.

  4. The first person on the approval list with the sequence number one receives the request for change in his or her Universal Inbox. This is accessed from the Inbox screen.
  5. The approver can approve or reject the change from the Inbox and add suitable comments.
  6. When all approvals have been collected electronically, the change is enabled and the status is changed to Active.
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