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Viewing Assets in the Database

You can view assets from a variety of fields in the Assets - HelpDesk view. The most common lists required by users are by status, that is Active, Inventory and so on or by asset category, that is laptop, desktop, and so on. The following status values described in Table 4 should be available for the HelpDesk Asset view.

Table 4. Status Values in the HelpDesk Asset


Currently assigned to a user.


Donated, retired, trashed, and so on.


In inventory at one of the stocked sites.

Lease Returns

Returned to lessor to fulfill an end-of-lease obligation.


Reported stolen.

On Loan

Loaned to a user for a specific period of time.

Pending Lease Return

Systematically flagged for return to lessor within 90 days.


Returned to vendor for maintenance.

Termed/To Be Recovered

Flagged for recovery from a terminated employee.

To Be Recovered

Flagged for recovery from a user.

Unknown Location

Lost, missing, or user is unknown.

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