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Incident Management

Incident Management automates the process of reporting and tracking an incident or groups of incidents. HelpDesk agents can open incident records to document and flag problems with software, equipment, facilities, network problems, and so on. Furthermore, agents match the incident against possible known errors, assign the incident based on both impact and urgency, review the recommended priority, and set the correct priority. In addition, HelpDesk agents give initial support—that is, provide quick fixes if appropriate. If a fix or quick fix is not possible, agents escalate the incident to the appropriate group.

Managers and technicians track the status and activities performed to achieve resolution as the categorized incidents moves through the stages of problem, known error, and a request for change.

Siebel HelpDesk can be configured to automatically create incident records by integrating with Oracle Enterprise Manager. For more information on creating incident records automatically, see Configuration Instructions for ACR 364 in Siebel Maintenance Release Guide, Version 8.0.0.x, Rev A.

Figure 2 illustrates the HelpDesk agent workflow as described in the preceding paragraphs for working with Incident Management.

Figure 2. Incident Management Workflow
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