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Adding News Content to a Project (End User)

Oracle's Siebel applications are already integrated with Siebel Content Services, an online news and information subscription service that accesses information from several industry news services. When your organization subscribes to Siebel Content Services, you can personalize the delivery of external news content to specific sections within your project pages.

Creating a News Topic

You can use Content Services to create news topics, which are records that specify the search criteria used to find current news on topics relevant to your project. For more information about creating a news topic, see Siebel Applications Administration Guide.

Adding a News Topic

After the appropriate news topics are created, you can add the news topics to your project. Siebel Projects application uses the news topics you add to the project to retrieve relevant news stories and include the links in the Project News section on your Project Summary page.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Siebel Projects.

To add a news topic to a project

  1. Navigate to the Project Summary page of the project to which you want to add a news topic.
  2. If the Project News section does not appear in your Project Summary page, add it to the Project Summary layout:
    1. Click Edit Layout.
    2. In the Project Summary Layout view, click the show button in the Project News section.
    3. Click Done.

      The Project Summary page appears with the Project News section.

  3. In the Project Summary page, click View Details.

    The Project form appears.

  4. Click the More Info view tab, and in the Project form, click the select button in the Project News field.
  5. In the Related News Topics dialog box, click New to add a news topic.

    NOTE:  You can also remove existing topics from your Project Summary page by selecting the topic, and clicking Delete.

  6. In the Add News Topics dialog box, query to find the news topic you want to add, and then click Add.
  7. Click OK to add the news topic to the Related News Topics dialog box.
  8. After you add the news topic, click the View Summary button.

    The selected news topics appear in the Project News section.

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