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Submitting Point-of-Sales Data (Distributor)

Distributors submit point-of-sales data periodically, usually once a month. This data lists the total quantity and price of each of the manufacturers' components that they have sold during the period, the accounts the components were sold to, the shipping dates, and the resale prices.

Distributors can enter this information through the Partner Portal, but they will probably enter it in a legacy application and submit it in some other format.

The point-of-sales data should have the following format:

  • A report header, with information about the distributor sending the report.
  • Multiple line items, one line item for each sale the distributor has made to an OEM for the supplier.

After importing this information, the supplier can view it in the Design Programs screen > Design Opportunities > POS Orders view in the Siebel High Tech and Industrial Manufacturing employee application.

In the POS Orders view, the line items contain the fields listed in Table 2. Distributors should submit reports with the data needed to populate these fields.

Table 2. Fields in the POS Orders view


Parent organization for the distributor.

End Customer

Account name for OEM.

Part #

A part number, such as global product identifier or manufacturer part number.

Shipped Quantity

Quantity shipped by the distributor.

Distributor Credit Amount

Amount of credit requested by the distributor.

Transaction Status

Processing status of the POS order.

Branch Office

Organization for the distributor.


Difference between the amount submitted by the distributor on the claim and the amount originally agreed upon per the entitlement.

Authorized Credit Amount

Amount of credit authorized by the manufacturer to the distributor.

SPA Entitlement #

Entitlement number under the agreement generated when the quote is approved. This number is required for reimbursement of claims.

Ship Date

Distributor ship date to OEM.

Resale Price

Resale price per distributor.

To submit point-of-sales data

  • Enter this data through the Partner Portal or provide it in a spreadsheet, a text file, or an EDI message.
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