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Managing a Contact's Travel Profile

You can use the travel profile to store details about a contact's travel preferences, such as hotel preference, travel preference, and some personal preferences. This information can be valuable to a sales representative when creating an opportunity for a contact and may help to progress the opportunity.

This task is a step in Managing the Account Travel Profile.

To create a travel profile for a contact

  1. Navigate to the Contacts screen > Contacts List view.
  2. In the Contacts list, query for and select the contact.
  3. Click the link in the Last Name field, and then click the Travel Profile view tab.
  4. In the Travel Profile form, complete the fields.

    The following table describes some of the fields.


    Preferred Hotel Chain

    Select the contact's preferred hotel chain.

    Preferred Brand

    Select the contact's preferred brand of hotel.

    Preferred Hotels

    Select the contact's preferred properties.

    Preferred Bed Type

    Select the contact's preferred type of bed, for example, double, king size, and so on.

    Smoking Preference

    Select whether the contact prefers a smoking or nonsmoking room.

    Preferred Paper

    Select the contact's preferred newspaper.

    Preferred Airline Name

    Select the contact's preferred airline.

    Preferred Rental Car

    Select the rental company from which the contact prefers to rent a car.

    Preferred Cruise Lines

    Select the contact's preferred cruise lines.


    Enter any relevant comments about the contact's travel preferences.

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