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Creating Hospitality Assets

An asset is a specific physical instance of a product. End users reserve assets, not products. An asset can be associated with a specific property, and multiple assets can be associated with a single product. For example, a product called Piano can have the following assets:

  • Yamaha Piano at New York property, Serial # 7896-0987
  • Wurlitzer Piano at London property, Serial # Z765-9876

NOTE:  An asset cannot be created unless a product for that asset has already been defined.

Additionally, administrators can create assets for menu items and event order items that are automatically associated with specific properties and that form components of property-specific menus and packages. For more information about defining property-specific assets, see Creating Assets for Property-Specific Products.

Optionally, preventive maintenance can be applied to an asset. For information about setting up and using preventive maintenance for an asset, see Siebel Field Service Guide.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Products and Assets.

To create an asset

  1. Navigate to the Assets screen > Assets List view.
  2. In the Assets list, create a new record, complete the fields, and save the record.
  3. In the new record, click the Asset # hyperlink.

    The Assets Components view is displayed.

  4. Click the More Info tab and complete the fields.

    The following table describes some of the fields.



    The account associated with this asset.

    Asset #

    A unique number used to track the asset.

    Asset Tag

    Identifier from the physical label on an asset.


    Defaults to the date the asset is entered.

    Original Cost

    The original cost of the asset.


    The account to which the asset is assigned.


    The kind of ownership; choices are Rented, Leased, Purchased, Financed, and Consigned.

    Part #

    The part number for the asset. This field is automatically populated when a product is selected if the product had a value in this field when it was created.


    The product with which the asset is associated.

    NOTE:  If the product is a property-specific product, then the same property should be selected for this asset.


    The property at which the asset is located.


    Indicates whether or not the product is a serialized product. This field is read-only in the Assets screen.

    Serial #

    The serial number of the asset.


    Select a status of either Active or Available to make the asset available for use. This will allow the asset to be chosen for use at a property.


    Quantity specified for the asset. Defaults to 1.

Defining Asset Inventory Display in the Function Space Diary

After you create asset records, you can define the method of display for the assets in the Function Space Diary using the Function Space Administration screen. For more information, see Defining Function Space and Asset Inventory Status Indicators.

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