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About the Banquet Revenue Summary Report

The Banquet Revenue Summary report summarizes local, group, and void quote revenue. Each quote is further broken down by event check. Each quote is printed on a single page in the report and all revenue for each quote is divided by revenue category (audiovisual, beer, breakfast, and so on). The last page of the report contains a summary of the revenue divided by booking type, with a single row for group, local, and void, with an additional row called Grand Total, which summarizes all revenue.

The final page of the report also includes a section that provides a summary by parent function type. Revenue is broken down by parent function type rather than revenue category. This section evaluates only group and local quote revenues. Covers for each parent function type are included.

Event managers use this report to:

  • Verify that all catering revenue was posted to the appropriate revenue type and parent function type
  • Determine if the revenue was credited appropriately to group or local

The Banquet Revenue Summary report (Figure 16) is typically run at the end of each day after all the event checks have been verified, signed, and posted.

Figure 16. Sample Banquet Revenue Summary Report (Gross, Adjusted, and Net Totals)
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