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Evaluating the Event Quote

Revenue managers can access submitted quotes for evaluation from the Home Page's My Evaluations list or from the Evaluations screen, which includes all submitted quotes for evaluation. Rejected and Accepted evaluations do not automatically appear in the list.

The National Revenue Manager typically views evaluations across all organizations, while the property revenue manager typically views evaluations for a particular property. The My Cluster Evaluations screen allows revenue managers to look at all quotes that have been submitted for evaluation to a cluster revenue manager for all the properties within that cluster.

By clicking links in the evaluation list, the revenue manager can navigate to related screens and views to see relevant information about the function and the account, as described in Table 81.

Table 81. Navigation Links in the Quote Evaluation Form
Field Link
Navigation Destination

Quote Name

Quotes > Functions view


Accounts > More Info view

Evaluation Status

Evaluation > Evaluation Response view

NOTE:  Before the revenue manager can begin reviewing the evaluation information, the evaluation status is set to In Progress.

This task is a step in Process of Revenue Management.

To review a submitted quote evaluation

  1. Navigate to the Evaluations screen > Evaluation list view.
  2. In the Evaluation list, query for the evaluation record.

    The National Revenue Manager can filter evaluations by choosing All Evaluations Across Organizations from the visibility list.

  3. In the Evaluation record, change the value in the Evaluation Status field to In Progress, and review the evaluation information.
  4. Scroll down to the Quote Summary form, and review the Function Space, Sleeping Rooms, and other general information.
  5. In the Evaluation record, click the link in the Evaluation Status field.
  6. From the Evaluation Response view, click the Evaluation Summary view tab to review the submitted evaluation information and sales manager comments.
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