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Interfacing Siebel Loyalty with a General Ledger

In order to ensure a seamless reconciliation between the Loyalty module and a general ledger, the following items must be addressed during the interface design and implementation:

  • You must add a BC Field called GL Date to the business components that can initiate financial entries. These business components include: LOY Transaction Accrual Item, LOY Transaction Redemption Item, and LOY Point Block. For more information about creating fields, see Siebel Tools Online Help.
  • Verify that the interface program is updating the GL Date field with the corresponding Accounting Date from the general ledger.
  • It is recommended that the interface programs must verify that all transactions which cannot be posted into the corresponding GL Period must be marked as below-the-line items in the general ledger. This is accomplished by posting the transactions to a dedicated account.
  • For reconciliation purposes, Oracle recommends that you create separate overview and summary views for the Accrual Item, Redemption Item and Point Block. These must be sorted by GL Date.
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