Siebel Loyalty Administration Guide

What's New in This Release

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Overview of Siebel Loyalty

About Siebel Loyalty

Siebel Loyalty Life Cycle

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Getting Started with Siebel Loyalty

About Getting Started with Siebel Loyalty

Configuration of Siebel Loyalty

Creating Point Types for Loyalty Programs

Allowing Additional Fields to Control Loyalty Points Given

Changing the Fields Used in Loyalty Attributes

Allowing Manual Processing of Queued Loyalty Transactions

Allowing Transactions to Be Processed Both Manually and Automatically

Setting Up Points Loan Repayment

Setting Up Loyalty Member Merge

Allowing Users to Change Values of Loyalty Member Attributes

Setting Parameters for the Loyalty Engine

Specifying Objects Processed by the Loyalty Engine

Specifying How Often the Loyalty Tier Engine Runs

Specifying How Often the Loyalty Point Expiration Engine Runs

Setting Up Server Keys for Siebel Loyalty

Assignment of Server Keys to Loyalty Members

Setting Up Server Components for Siebel Loyalty

Creating a Second Realtime Engine Component for Siebel Loyalty

Setting Up Products for Payment with Loyalty Points

Optimizing Loyalty Point Block Updates

Activating Workflows for Siebel Loyalty

Defining Lists of Values for Siebel Loyalty

Defining Loyalty Membership Card Types

Defining Loyalty Member Groups

Defining Loyalty Member Classes

Defining Loyalty Member Phases

Defining Loyalty Lounges

Defining Loyalty Airport Codes

Adding Employees as Loyalty Users

Creating the Host Company as a Partner

Process of Setting Up Partner Access to Siebel Loyalty

Setting Up Loyalty Partner Point Conversion

Mapping Loyalty Partner Tiers to Company Tiers

Selling Loyalty Points to New Partners

Setting Up Customer Access to Siebel eLoyalty

Viewing the Processing Status for Loyalty Transactions

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Setting Up Siebel Loyalty Programs

About Siebel Loyalty Programs

About Loyalty Program Points, Tiers, and Rewards

About Base Promotions and Tier Promotions

About Promotion Calculation Rules for Loyalty Programs

About Retroactive Tier Changes

Process of Setting Up Loyalty Programs

Creating Loyalty Programs

Defining Program Level Attributes for Loyalty

Defining Point Types for Loyalty Programs

Minting Point Blocks for Loyalty Programs

Defining Tier Classes and Tiers

Creating Tier Promotions

Creating Vouchers for Loyalty Members

Defining Vouchers as Tier Rewards

Configurations for Loyalty Vouchers

Defining Loyalty Features of Products, Price Lists, and Catalogs

Creating Base Loyalty Promotions

Modifying Loyalty Programs

Example of Creating Tier Promotions

Setting Up Retroactive Tier Changes

Troubleshooting Disappearing Loyalty Members

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Setting Up Siebel Loyalty Promotions

Types of Loyalty Promotions

About Creating Loyalty Promotions

Process of Creating Loyalty Promotions

Creating Attributes for Loyalty

Creating a Loyalty Promotion Record

Specifying Products Included in a Loyalty Promotion

Providing Point Blocks for Loyalty Promotions

Creating Rules for Loyalty Promotions

Creating Criteria for Loyalty Promotion Rules

Creating Actions for Loyalty Promotion Rules

Specifying the Tiers Applicable to Loyalty Promotions

About Adding Marketing Information to Loyalty Promotions

Evaluating and Segmenting Members of Loyalty Programs

Creating Goals and Assumptions for Loyalty Promotions

Adding Expenses and Line Items to Loyalty Promotions

Adding Purchase Requests to Loyalty Promotions

Adding Market Development Fund (MDF) Requests to Loyalty Promotions

Associating Loyalty Members with Marketing Campaigns

Process of Approving Loyalty Promotions

Displaying Promotions in a Calendar Format

Submitting Promotions for Approval

Approving or Rejecting Promotions

Viewing the Approvals for a Promotion

About Controlling the Availability of Loyalty Promotions

Activating Loyalty Promotions

Modifying Loyalty Promotions

Deactivating Loyalty Promotions

Allowing Existing Fields to Be Used in Loyalty Promotion Criteria

Allowing New Fields to Be Used in Loyalty Promotion Criteria

Configuration Instructions for Common Promotions

Creating a Promotion that Applies During a Specific Day of the Week

Creating a Promotion that Applies at a Specific Time of Day

Creating a Promotion that Applies on the Member's Anniversary

Creating Reward Promotions that Apply to the First Transaction on Day the Member Enrolls

Letting Inactive Members Redeem Current Points But Not Earn New Points

Loyalty Promotion Examples

Example of Creating a Simple Frequency Promotion

Example of Creating a Complex Frequency Promotion

Example of Creating an Action-Based Bonus

Example of Creating a Roundtrip Promotion

Example of Creating a Partner Promotion

Example of Creating a Joint Promotion

Troubleshooting Action-Based Bonuses

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Host Organization's Use of Siebel Loyalty

About the Host Organization's Use of Siebel Loyalty

Enrolling Members in Loyalty Programs

Enrolling Members in Multi-Level Loyalty Programs

Entering Loyalty Member Referrals

Entering Loyalty Members' Travel Profiles

Enrolling Members in Loyalty Promotions

Entering Loyalty Members' Transactions

Entering Loyalty Members' Orders

Seeing If a Loyalty Transaction Has Accrued Multiple Point Types

Approving Loyalty Members' Transactions

Cancelling Loyalty Members' Transactions

Entering and Modifying Loyalty Members' Service Requests

Giving Vouchers to Loyalty Members

Changing Loyalty Members' Tier Status Manually

Creating a Loyalty Membership Card Manually

Lending Points to Loyalty Members

Transferring Points Between Loyalty Members

Merging Loyalty Program Members

Viewing Loyalty Members' Point Balances

Viewing Loyalty Members' Point Items

Viewing Loyalty Members' Transaction Histories

Generating, Viewing, and Printing Loyalty Members' Statements

Viewing Loyalty Members' Activities

Entering and Viewing Loyalty Members' Value Scores

Viewing Loyalty Members' Attributes

Viewing Loyalty Members' Promotion Attributes

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Using Siebel Loyalty with Partners

About Partner Use of Siebel Loyalty

Overview of Partner Use of Siebel Loyalty

Scenario for Partner Use of Siebel Loyalty

Creating Loyalty Promotions with Partners

Entering the Loyalty Partner Program Profile

Selling Loyalty Points to Partners

Sending Transactions to Partners for Review

Managing Loyalty Partners' Rejected Transactions

Exposing Additional Views to Loyalty Partners

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Member Self-Service with Siebel eLoyalty

About Siebel eLoyalty

Overview of Member Use of Siebel eLoyalty

Scenario for Member Use of Siebel eLoyalty

Troubleshooting Display of the Catalog and Products to Loyalty Members

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Siebel Loyalty Workflows and Methods Reference

Siebel Loyalty Workflows

LOY Processing Engine Business Service

ProcessBatch Method

ProcessObject Method

SubmitObjectForProcessing Method

UpdateCache Method

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Siebel Loyalty Technical Reference

Loyalty Server High Level Architecture

Use of Server Keys by Siebel Loyalty

Siebel Loyalty Server Components

Siebel Loyalty Object Processing

Siebel Loyalty and Siebel Remote

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German GAAP Statutory Compliance for Siebel Loyalty

Interfacing Siebel Loyalty with a General Ledger

Activating the Audit Trail for the LOY Member Business Components

Prohibiting deletion of members in Siebel Loyalty

Enabling Sequential Numbering of Transactions

Merging Members

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