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Creating Tier Promotions

You must set up tier promotions, which contain the rules that move members to the appropriate tier based on the number of points they have.

Before you create tier promotions, you should have a general understanding of how to create promotions, described in Setting Up Siebel Loyalty Promotions

Tier promotions are created like reward promotions, as described in Process of Creating Loyalty Promotions, but they differ in the following ways:

  • Promotion record created automatically. When you create a tier record in the Loyalty Program Administration screen, a tier promotion is automatically created for that tier in the Loyalty Promotions Administration screen and is given a name with the following form: Tier Promotion: <name of tier>. There can only be one tier promotion for each tier. You cannot create a tier promotion record and must use this record that is automatically created.

    NOTE:  Do not delete the tier promotion record that is created automatically.

  • Creating the rule for the promotion. In the Loyalty Promotions Administration screen, you create the rules for the promotion, by creating the Rule, Criteria, Attribute, and Action records as needed to change the tier level of members in this tier. For an overview of how to use these records to create rules, see About Creating Loyalty Promotions.
    • The rule criteria. When you create the rule, create the criteria as follows:
      • If you select Is Automatic as the first criteria, this is an automatic tier change. The tier will change whenever the member meets the rest of the criteria.
      • If you do not select Is Automatic as the first criteria, this is a manual tier change. The tier will change only when the user clicks the Approve button in the Member Tier for Approval list. When all the criteria for the tier change are met, the change is queued in this list to wait for manual approval.
      • Apart from Is Automatic, the criteria check to see if the user has the appropriate number of points to qualify for this tier or to be upgraded or downgraded.
    • The rule action. When you create the rule, create the Action record as follows:
      • Add a new record to the Actions list, and in the Type field, select Tier Change. This option in the Type field is only available for tier promotions.
      • In the record's Detail form, select Upgrade Tier, Downgrade Tier, Qualify Tier, or Re-qualify Tier.
      • If you selected Upgrade Tier or Downgrade Tier, specify the tier to upgrade or downgrade to.
      • If you selected Qualify Tier or Re-qualify Tier, you do not have to specify any other values. These selections keep the user in the current tier, based on points required.
  • Specify products. Use the Product Inclusion field of the Promotion record to include all products, since the tier promotion applies to all products.
  • Do not use the Point Blocks or Tier views. The Point Blocks view of the Loyalty Promotions Administration screen specifies which point blocks reward points come from, and this does not apply to tier promotions, because they do not give points as rewards. The Tier view specifies which tiers the promotion applies to, and this information does not apply to tier promotions, because the tier was already specified when the promotion was created.

For a detailed example of how to create the tier promotions needed by a sample loyalty program, see Example of Creating Tier Promotions.

NOTE:  You cannot delete tier promotions. If you were able to delete a tier promotion, you would also have to delete the tier and all references to it and recreate it from scratch. Even one stale reference could stop the engine.

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