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Specifying Objects Processed by the Loyalty Engine

You can specify which objects the Loyalty Engine processes by using the parameter LOYEngineQueueObjects. For more information about this parameter, see Setting Parameters for the Loyalty Engine.

The Loyalty Engine processes the object types shown in Table 4.

Table 4. Object Types Processed by Loyalty Engine
Business Object and Primary Business Component



LOY Transaction Processor

LOY Engine Transaction

Processes the transaction for any qualified promotions. Processed against the active promotions in the program.



LOY Tier Processor

LOY Engine Member Tier

Processes the member tiers for change such as Upgrade, Downgrade. Processed only against one promotion of that tier.



LOY Promotion Bucket Processor

LOY Promotion Bucket

Processes the Promotion Bucket to check if it has met all the criteria of a complex promotion. Processed only against the promotion in question.



LOY Accrual Expiration Processor

LOY Member Accrual Item

Processes the accruals that have expired and deducts the points from the member's balance. There are no promotions involved and only redemptions are created for all expired accruals and member balances are deducted accordingly.

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