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Setting Parameters for the Loyalty Engine

You can customize the Loyalty Engine parameters shown in Table 3. All these parameters apply to eLoyalty Processing Engine - Batch. They affect batch processing, not realtime processing.

Table 3. Parameters for the Loyalty Engine
Display Name
Default Value



LOY - Engine Number of Runs




The number of time to query after the queue becomes empty. This parameter should have a -1 or > 0 value. If -1, then the engine keeps running indefinitely until it is shut down. Otherwise, it will query the number of times specified after the current query has run out of records.


LOY - Engine Queue Objects





The objects to process in the Queue and the number of objects to place in the queue each time. This is in the format Object1:n,Object2:m listing each object to process and the number of objects. For a list of objects processed by the engine, see Table 4.



LOY - Engine Sleep Time (secs.)




The time (in seconds) which the engine waits after it has processed the records and there are no more records in the next query. After sleeping for this time, it requires.

Parameters are commonly used in the following ways:

You can also set parameters to determine how often statements are produced for each tier of a program by using the Statement Frequency and Only If Activity fields of the Program >Tier Class >Tiers view. For more information, see Defining Tier Classes and Tiers.

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