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Overview of Member Use of Siebel eLoyalty

When non-members go to the eLoyalty URL as anonymous users, they can:

  • Register in order to enroll in loyalty programs, either on their own behalf, on behalf of their household, or on behalf of their company.
  • View special offers on the eLoyalty home page.
  • Browse the product catalog.

When members go to the eLoyalty URL, they can log in and then:

  • View the personalized home page. This page has links to special offers and to many features of eLoyalty, as well as information about their own membership (their Member #, the programs they are enrolled in, their member level, the date they became a member, their member type, their point balance, and their special status, if any).
  • Enter and edit profile information. View, enter, and edit information about the member.
  • Buy products. Browse the product catalog to buy products and see how many points they will earn by buying these products.
  • Redeem points. Browse the product catalog to buy products by redeeming points that they have already earned.
  • Transfer points. Give a specified number of points to another member.
  • Enroll in programs. Enroll in additional loyalty programs that they are not yet enrolled in.
  • Enroll in promotions. Enroll in promotions that require enrollment. Some promotions can be open to all members without enrollment.
  • Check member attribute and promotion attribute values. View the values of all member and promotion-specific attributes that have been designed to be shown to members.
  • Refer members. Recommend someone to become a member.
  • Enter partner memberships. Add information about their memberships in your partners' loyalty programs.
  • View statements. Statements include basic information about the member's membership level, how many points they have earned and redeemed during this period links, their account activity and their vouchers, and they also include links to detailed information about the member's:
    • Transactions
    • Vouchers
    • Loans
    • Current Tier(s)
    • Next Tier(s)
    • Lounge Membership
    • Profile Data
    • Membership Cards
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